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Listen to our publisher describe his experiences in Alabama at the time of "Selma" and his views on privacy today, including the President's initiative on privacy. The program is CyberLaw and Business Report with Bennet Kelley. Then comment here on our Web site.

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Our 44th Year

PBS Digital Studios has produced a video presentation "Online Privacy: How Did We Get Here?" with PRIVACY JOURNAL Publisher Robert Ellis Smith, Helen Nissenbaum, media professor at New York University; and Julian Sanchez from the Cato Institute. It tersely and sharply traces the development of privacy in culture, technology, and law.

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The First Publication in the World About Privacy

And Still the Most Engaging One

Publishing for Forty-Three Years

PRIVACY JOURNAL, founded in 1974, is the original publication on personal privacy. In more than four decades: Number of pages, 4042. Number of lifelong subscribers, 29. Number of libel lawsuits, none. Number of threatened suits, one. Number of invasion-of-privacy threats: none. Number of errors requiring correction, 43. Number of editors, one.


Before there was an internet, before there was email, before there was automated telemarketing, before there was Facebook, and before there were drones, there was Privacy Journal. Thus, it's the oldest publication on privacy in the world.

Each month since 1974, this acclaimed newsletter is always full of news on new technology and its impact on privacy, useful tips for protecting your privacy, and the latest on court decisions, legislation, professional conferences, and corporate practices.
It's a record unmatched in journalism, here or abroad.

Robert Ellis Smith (left), who is recognized as the leading expert on the right to privacy in the U.S., is the publisher. He is an experienced journalist, a lawyer, an author of several essential books on privacy. Twice he has been asked to write the definition of privacy for the World Book Encyclopedia.

Smith digs through reams of government documents, and he interviews all the important people who affect privacy policies; he's an enterprising journalist who insists on originality and accuracy in his stories. He makes this guarantee: Privacy Journal will keep you weeks ahead of the mainstream press in informing you of news that affects personal privacy. If you think we do not deliver on this commitment, we will refund your money.

Smith covers privacy in all of its aspects: the internet, credit reporting, medical records, computer security, unwanted telephone calls, electronic surveillance, access to an individual's own records, uses of ID documents, uses and abuses of Social Security numbers, the impact of European and Canadian practices on American citizens, biometric identification systems, social media, the common law of privacy, the constitutional right to privacy, and much more. No other expert is poised to provide such a well-rounded, assertive approach to the essential news on this essential subject.

Smith is the author of Ben Franklin's Web Site: Privacy and Curiosity From Plymouth Rock to the Internet, the acclaimed 407-page account of privacy throughout American history. We also publish a book describing all the state and privacy laws on the books, including those enacted this year.

His first book, Privacy: How to Protect What's Left of It, was nominated for the National Book Award in 1980.

A graduate of Harvard College and Georgetown University Law Center, Smith was a daily news reporter, weekly newspaper editor, and then assistant director of civil rights in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services before starting Privacy Journal in 1974.

He has taught at Harvard, Brown University, Emerson College, Roger Williams University Law School, and the University of Maryland.

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Smith has expanded his vision of privacy in contemporary life with the publishing of a new eBook, The Magnetism of Islands. This non-fiction tale explores the special aspects of islands that intrigue us, mystify us, and draw us to them. Regardless of where they are located or whether they are urban or rural, islands have more in common with each other than with the nearest mainland. Find out how by reading Smith's new book, available in electronic text at or directly from Privacy Journal.

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Need an expert witness on privacy, credit reporting, surveillance, medical confidentiality, Social Security numbers, or identity theft? Our publisher is the most frequently used expert witness in the privacy field in the U.S.

Frank J. Williams, retired Chief Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court, praised Smith’s “balanced viewpoint,” saying, “We deal with so many people who are not exactly rational about their point of view. I respect that he’s not like that” (Rhode Island Law Tribune, September 10, 2001).

Do you need a compelling speaker for your group's next meeting? Need a consultant? Need in-house training? Need someone to speak to your group on "Establishing a State-of-the-Art Privacy Policy" or on "How to Protect Your Privacy" or "Current State and Federal Laws Protecting Privacy"? Need an expert critique of your privacy policy?

Smith can team up with security experts to provide your organization with expert advice on privacy AND security.

Privacy Journal Publisher Robert Ellis Smith speaks at the important meetings on privacy:

The 17th annual Computers Freedom and Privacy 07 in Montreal and again the next year in New Haven; "Privacy Laws and Business" 20th annual conference in Cambridge, England, in 2007; Wealth Masters International conference in San Diego in June 2007, invited back in December 2007 and for a third time in December 2008; the Privacy Symposium at Harvard in 2007, invited back in August 2008. His presentation was acclaimed at the HIPAA Summit in Washington in September 2009.

In 2010: Reboot Communications' Privacy & Information Security Congress, Ottawa Westin, Nov. 16; MIT-ACLU forum on Facebook, Cambridge, Mass., April 27; University of Rhode Island panel on new technology, March 31; Federation of American Women's Clubs annual meeting (featured speaker), Boston, March 11; American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts annual meeting (featured speaker), Boston, Feb. 6; workshop on camera surveillance, Camera Surveillance Awareness Network, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Jan. 14.

In 2011: "Why Is Privacy So Damned Important Anyway?," International Privacy Day, Jan. 26, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and The Seventh Annual Maritime Access & Privacy Workshop June 2 in the Westin Nova Scotian in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In 2012: Rhode Island Library Association annual meeting, Smithfield RI, May 31, on protecting the confidentiality of library users.

Rhode Island Town and City Clerks Association annual meeting, Alton Jones campus, University of Rhode Island, June 21, on reconciling open-records mandates and privacy.

In 2013: Colloquium at Brown University in Providence RI to mark Data Privacy Day Jan. 28.

"Civil Rights Veterans Speak Out," Rhode Island Black Heritage Society, Providence RI Feb. 13.

"What You Need to Know About Public Records (and Privacy)," Warwick RI, May 22, sponsored by Lorman Education Services, http:/​/​​.

"Remembering and Reporting on JFK," Worcester Historical Museum, Worcester MA Sept. 11.

In 2014: EDUCAUSE webinar to mark Data Privacy Day, "The Importance of Location in Data Protection," Jan. 14.

In 2016: Johnson & Wales University, Providence, R.I., panel discussion on use of identification cards, Mar. 29.

In 2017: He's back: Johnson & Wales University, Providence, R.I., panel discussion on "revenge porn," Mar. 28.

June 9, seminar for professionals on "Drone Law, Crowne Plaza Airport, Providence, R.I.

June 28, same topic, Fireside Inn, Portland, Maine, June 28. Information from NBI Seminars, 800/​930-6182,

In 2018: He's back: Johnson & Wales University, Providence, R.I., panel discussion on employers' access to social-media sites and passwords, April 5.

Voice of America Business Channel one-hour interview with "The Privacy Professor," Rebecca Herrold April 20.

Interview with identity theft specialist Mari Frank on her radio show Privacy Piracy ( in Orange County, Cal., at 1;30 p.m. PDT May 9 and again June 4, 2018.

Very high praise from The Wall Street Journal for our "Ben Franklin's Web Site." Order the book by clicking on the book title to the right.

Here's what The Wall Street Journal said June 18, 2007:

"Did you know that Ben Franklin wrote the country's first privacy law shortly after he set up the mail system? As it turns out, many new inventions were followed by new privacy laws. Privacy Journal publisher Robert Ellis Smith tracks this history in a fascinating and fact-filled journey."

Buy it now.

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privacy magazine, privacy publication, privacy news
privacy magazine, privacy publication, privacy news
privacy newsletter, privacy speaker, privacy expert witness
privacy newsletter, privacy speaker, privacy expert witness
privacy newsletter, privacy speaker, privacy expert witness
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