The landscape of online privacy is constantly changing. Every month, the world sees new trends, new threats, and new developments in cyberspace. Our staff at Privacy Journal researches the latest information on these changes, and presents it in readable, actionable articles.

Privacy is our focus, but it’s a complex topic with many facets. On any given day, you might want to know how scared you should be of ransomware attacks, whether the PRISM program exposed by Edward Snowden is still gathering information on Americans, how your child feels about cyberbullying, or what you might find on French Netflix.

Why Research Is Important

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with so much information flying at you. Think of us as your trusted research assistants, here to help you distill the firehose of information into something you can use.

The PRISM surveillance program is a great example. The ripples of Snowden’s bombshell are still being felt today. Between U.S. intelligence agencies concealing information on one hand, and conspiracy theorists spinning dystopian yarns on the other, it can be very hard to piece together the actual story.

If you want the truth, you can pore over dozens of articles, reports, and transcripts — or you can get it from us. Our writers work from your perspective, and all our research aims at things you want to know.

Our research takes us to a wide range of sources, from news articles to peer-reviewed studies, all of which we closely vet before citing them. Misinformation is rampant online, so we put all our articles through a rigorous fact-checking process that ensures no mistakes slip through the cracks.

By the Numbers: Statistics & Scams

Sometimes, the best way to tell a story is through the numbers . We start many of our investigations with an open-ended question. How prevalent is ransomware in 2023? Which companies make money from selling user data? What’s the biggest financial danger you face on an online dating site?

Using statistics and supplemental research, we can answer these questions without resorting to bias, fear or clickbait. We always get our information directly from the source and cite it so you can continue the investigation for yourself.

Testing Privacy Tools

We also love to get our hands dirty and personally test privacy tools so we can give you an honest review. We test VPNs, password managers, private browsers and more. Every VPN says that it’s the fastest, but we can show you which ones are telling the truth.


The more you know, the better you’ll be able to protect yourself online. In these articles, you’ll learn what increases your risk of being scammed, what caused the most data breaches last year, and which big tech companies are intimately involved in harvesting your personal information.

We don’t expect you to trust concepts like encryption, onion routing or the benefits of VPNs themselves without understanding them. We’re your partners in anonymity and privacy, and we want you to know what we know. Pick any article and get started today.