Unblocking Online Content

If you how to unblock online content, Privacy Journal is here to help you live a truly free life online. Learn how to access any content you want to see, regardless of the date, your location, or any other restrictions. Communicate freely in defiance of government censorship.

Why Restrict or Block Content?

When the World Wide Web first came together, its creators envisioned it as a place without walls, where free exchanges of information could benefit all of humanity. Whether you want to discover new ideas, make friends across the world, or just kick back with a few episodes of The Office, you should be able to do so at your leisure.

Unfortunately, that vision ran headlong into reality. Nowadays, there are fences and walls across the internet, restricting content based on geography, timing, and the iron wills of repressive governments and corporations. You can slip past them, but it takes a bit of specialized knowledge. We’re here to help.

One of justifications for restricting content is copyright law. Shows and movies are restricted to countries where streaming platforms can get the rights to them, a system that does nothing to benefit the customer.

Sports blackouts are similar. They force popular sporting events into smaller regional markets and expensive package deals, leaving many people out of luck when they just want to watch their favorite team play.

Government Censorship

Then there are the even less defensible cases of government censorship. Governments around the world ban content they find objectionable, whether on moral grounds (for example, many countries restrict or ban pornography) or simply because it threatens their power base (most censorship in Iran, China, North Korea, and Belarus).

How to Unblock Online Content

One of the best ways to unblock online content is to use a good VPN to simulate an internet connection from a country where it’s not blocked. By filtering your connection through another server, a VPN makes that server look like your origin point. It’s like disguising yourself to slip past a perimeter.

Let’s say you want to watch a show on BBC iPlayer, a streaming service only available in the United Kingdom. All you have to do is open your VPN client and connect to a server located in London. The website will check your permissions, see that you register as being in the U.K., and wave you through.

VPNs vs Proxies vs Tor

It’s not always that simple — some VPNs can’t make it past the firewall without getting caught — but a good VPN will get you in every time. Our articles will help you figure out which ones you can trust.

A VPN isn’t your only option for unblocking online content. You can also try Tor browser or proxy servers. But only a VPN combines true freedom with reliable security.