NordVPN Price Guide

NordVPN Price Guide 2023: Best Plans, Deals & Value

Last update: March 20, 2023

You can get one month of NordVPN for $11.95, one year for $4.92 per month or two years for $3.71 per month. Every plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The internet can be a scary place. Internet safety is a concern for everyone these days. Like me, you might be on the lookout for reliable VPN services within your budget. NordVPN is a great fit if you’d like a premium provider with affordable plan options. If you haven’t got a clue about the NordVPN price plans and you’re wondering, “how much does NordVPN cost?” I’ve got you covered. 

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From the monthly prices and the differences between the plans to the payment methods you can use and the trial periods, I’ll cover everything you need to know about NordVPN pricing before you sign up. If you want more information about NordVPN besides pricing and value, read the full NordVPN review.

NordVPN Price Comparison

The good thing about NordVPN’s pricing plans is the flexibility. You have the option to choose between long- and short-term plans depending on your needs. Each plan has varying prices, with the longer-term plans being easier on the bank. 

nordvpn pricing plans
NordVPN’s long term pricing plans are the most budget-friendly.

Of the long term plans, you have two choices. 

Two-Year Plan

The longest-term plan promoted on the NordVPN site is the two-year plan. NordVPN often offers this deal with seasonal promotions or discounts, which grants more savings. Currently, there’s a deal with an upfront subscription fee of $89 for 24 months. That comes to just $44.50 per year.

One-Year Plan

The second plan is for a year. Here, you pay a subscription fee of $59 for the first year. If you’re not too sure about subscribing for too long a term but feel confident enough about your decision to proceed with NordVPN, I’d recommend the annual plan. 

Monthly Plan

The final plan is the most flexible in terms of payments as you’re billed every month and can cancel anytime. However, monthly plans are also the most costly at $11.95 per month, amounting to a total annual cost of $143.40. I would only recommend the monthly plan if you’re very sure you don’t need VPN services for a long time. 

How Much Does NordVPN Cost Per Month?

If you’re looking for monthly savings, the best way to keep more pennies in your piggy bank is to opt for long-term plans. The longer you sign up, the more NordVPN offers discounted prices.  

With the two-year plan, the prices range from $3.67 to $3.71 per month (depending on the offers being run). The one-year plan comes up to $4.92 per month, and finally, if you choose to go with a monthly subscription, it’s a lot more expensive, at $11.95 per month. 

It’s no surprise that your best value for money will be with long-term plans. 

Business Plans & Dedicated IP Addresses

NordVPN doesn’t offer any business plans outright on its own site, but its features can definitely help businesses strengthen their security practices and keep their internet safety, data and workplace browsing intact. 

For example, you can use your own dedicated IP address to avoid the risk of your business being put on blocklists which can sometimes happen if you’re using shared IP addresses. This comes at an extra $70 per year or around $5.83 a month.

NordVPN Free Trial & 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You don’t have to blindly enter into a deal with NordVPN without knowing what its features are all about. If you’re keen on testing NordVPN, you can take advantage of the free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The actual free trial lasts for seven days but is only available on mobile devices, so you can test how the NordVPN Android or iOS apps work. You can download the NordVPN app on the Play Store or App Store and get started with your week-long free trial whenever you want. 

On desktop, you can tap into a much longer period of one month through the money-back guarantee. As long as you contact NordVPN customer support before the end of the period and cancel your plan, you’ll get your money refunded safely.

NordVPN Prices: Deals & Discounts

NordVPN offers special discounts and coupon codes during seasonal events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I recommend checking out the site’s coupon page from time to time for any offers. 

Existing subscribers of NordVPN also get the chance to get one month free per successful referral. This is a great incentive for you to share the VPN with friends or family you think might need it. Additionally, if you have a friend using NordVPN, you can even ask them to share their referral code with you, as the free month is offered both ways.

nordvpn referral plan
NordVPN follows the “sharing is caring” principle and encourages referrals in exchange for free months.

Payment Methods for the NordVPN Subscription

NordVPN offers several payment methods, so you can take your pick. 

nordvpn payment methods
From your favorite credit card to even cryptocurrency, NordVPN offers diverse payment methods.

While asked to select a payment method on the checkout page, you can choose from major credit cards or debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Sofort, iTunes and even cryptocurrencies. However, it does not allow you to pay with cash.

How to Cancel Your VPN Service Subscription

Should you change your mind about using NordVPN, you can cancel at any time. However, if you’re opting for the money-back guarantee or trial, you must also contact the customer support team in addition to canceling your subscription in order to get the refund. 

The steps to cancel a subscription are pretty simple. 

1. Find the billing settings

Log in to your NordVPN account on NordAccount and click on “billing.”

nordaccount billing section

2. Locate your subscription options

Open the “subscription” tab. Next to the“change plan” button, click on the three dots.

nordaccount subscription settings

3. Cancel your subscription

From the drop-down menu that appears, click “cancel auto-renewal.”

cancel nordvpn subscription

If you subscribed via the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, you have to unsubscribe for the service via the platforms in order to avoid being charged for the next billing period. 

NordVPN Value vs Competitors

NordVPN’s value can be put to the test by comparing it to two other amazing providers in the market — ExpressVPN, NordVPN’s direct premium competitor, and CyberGhost, its price competitor. 

Plan Term:NordVPNExpressVPNCyberGhost
One month$11.95 per month$12.95 per month$12.99 per month
Six monthsN/A$9.99 per monthN/A
One year$4.92 per month$8.32 per month$3.95 per month
Two years$3.71 per monthN/A$3.15 per month
Three yearsN/A N/A$2.15 per month

Each provider has different plan term options, with CyberGhost offering the longest of up to three years at a dirt cheap price. CyberGhost is also the most affordable when you look at the long-term plans, but funnily enough, it offers the highest monthly price of the lot. 

ExpressVPN is the most expensive option of the three in terms of its long-term plans. It also has limited flexibility as it doesn’t offer a two-year plan like NordVPN.

NordVPN benefits from having the cheapest one-month plan. As a premium provider, it beats ExpressVPN in the pricing arena handily. It has competition from CyberGhost’s long-term value offerings, but the difference is only around half a dollar per month, and NordVPN is a much more reliable service.

You can check out NordVPN’s pricing here on its website.

Is NordVPN Worth It?

Is NordVPN safe? Will a NordVPN server guarantee you are using the internet safely while streaming, torrenting or even just browsing? I asked myself these same questions before putting NordVPN to the test. Here are some of my favorite features that a VPN offers.


One of my favorite superpowers that a VPN has is the ability to unblock streaming platforms and international libraries. If you’re traveling and in the mood to continue streaming a local show, you can easily access your Amazon Prime Video or Netflix U.S. library without worrying about geoblocks. NordVPN also has 15 U.S. server locations, and it’s no surprise it’s one of the best VPNs for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. 

As far as other streaming platforms are concerned, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+ and even BBC iPlayer. From my tests, the content also streamed lag-free and rarely threw up the proxy errors we all hate.

Safety and Security

NordVPN ticks all the same features for security and privacy that any regular VPN should. It has a good choice of VPN protocols and a strict no-log policy, which means no records are kept of your activity. The VPN comes equipped with an automatic kill switch, so your IP address doesn’t slip if the connection ever dips.

Advanced Features

Beyond these standard features, NordVPN also offers double VPN protection, which means your web traffic can get routed through two separate, encrypted VPN servers. There’s also an Onion Over VPN option that will additionally route your traffic through the Tor network. There are even servers dedicated to torrenting.

You can also use split tunneling to cherry-pick which apps you want to route through the VPN’s protection while keeping others protection-free. For example, you can protect your browser traffic while keeping finicky banking apps unprotected (they can sometimes block you when you use a VPN).

Lastly, the VPN allows up to six simultaneous connections. You can set up the app on your phone, your desktop and even your Android TV if you want. You also have the option of sharing your subscription with your family or roommates as long as only six connections run at any given moment.

These extra features aren’t a must for everyone, especially if you’re just doing some random browsing but knowing they’re there should you need them can help put your mind at ease. 

Conclusion: NordVPN Price Comparison

Personally, I love a good bargain, and NordVPN drives a great one. I’ve used it whenever I’ve been tied down by a budget but still needed a premium service for my internet needs. If that sounds like you, I recommend giving NordVPN a shot.

Now, over to you. What do you think of NordVPN’s pricing plans? Which is your favorite plan? Or are you a fan of another VPN like ExpressVPN or CyberGhost?

Drop a comment below and join the discussion! And as always, thanks for reading. 

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