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$17.50 -- Ben Franklin's Web Site, Privacy and Curiosity from Plymouth Rock to the Internet, 407 pages

"A delightful read" - Alan F. Westin "Readable and Sensible" - Wall Street Journal

$8.50 -- ChoicePoint's Ignoble History, a special report, 13 pages (2005)

$45.00 -- Compilation of State and Federal Privacy Laws with 2016 Supplement, 80-page reference book published in 2013 and constantly updated. Postage included in price.

Incorporates previous supplements "Strongly recommended for libraries" - Library Journal

$30.00 -- 2016 Supplement to the Compilation of State and Federal Privacy Laws, hard copy or pdf by email.

$40.00 -- Compilation of State and Federal Privacy Laws - Electronic Edition with 2016 Supplement

Same material as hard-copy book. Allows for storage in a computer and later searching by key words and state names. Recent changes highlighted in red.

$18.50 -- Directory of Privacy Professionals, 500 addresses and phone numbers, updates regularly, electronic edition only

"A great reference to have on hand" - Office of the Privacy Commissioner, Canada

$18.50 -- A National ID Card: A License to Live, arguments for and against, 46 pages (2002)

$14.50 -- The Law of Privacy Explained, the basics in 57 pages (1993)

$16.95 -- Our Vanishing Privacy, 132-page book of essays with consumer advice on protecting privacy (1993)

$14.95 -- Social Security Numbers: Uses and Abuses, a special 46-page report issued in 2002

$17.50 -- War Stories, 400 real-life episodes of privacy invasions, updated regularly

$12.00 -- Workrights, 267-page book on rights of employees, still in demand (1984)

$125.00 -- Current subscription to Privacy Journal monthly newsletter (by U.S. mail or e-mail or both)

Discounts are available for non-profits

$125.00 -- Renewal to Privacy Journal monthly newsletter (by U.S. mail or e-mail or both)

Discounts are available for non-profits

$165.00 -- Overseas subscription to Privacy Journal

$14.50 -- Index to Privacy Journal newsletter, 1994 - Present

$10.00 each, or $60 for 12 -- Back issues of Privacy Journal newsletter (specify year in order)


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Compilation of State and Federal Privacy Laws, $40

ChoicePoint's Ignoble History, $8.50
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Ben Franklinís Web Site, $17.50

Directory, $18.50 (no shipping fee)

National ID Card, $18.50

Social Security Numbers, $14.95

Law of Privacy Explained, $14.50

War Stories, $17.50

Our Vanishing Privacy, $16.95

Index to Privacy Journal, $14.50

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2014 Supplement alone, $16

Essential Books

A - Legal Reference
Consumer Protection eBook
An eBook that you can upload to your handhold device and consult whenever you are in the marketplace or at work, to see what privacy protections exist to help you.
B - History
the tug between privacy and surveillance in U.S. history
E - Directory
500 names, address, phone numbers, and Web sites of the top experts and organizations in the field of personal privacy. $18.50
Order Form
D - Current issues
Anecdotes of Persons Victimized by Invasions of Privacy
Essays on privacy issues
D - Current Issues
C - Advocacy
F - Legal Reference
G. Classic Still Available
1980 National Book Award nominee
Regional Humor
Quiz for a Rainy Day